I way prefer asking you questions than talking about myself. But I do know that sharing stories and experiences can be a powerful exchange. I’ve been a listener all my life. 25 years ago, I started using radio as a tool to listen, hosting a radio show on my local community station. I learned that holding space, asking questions and documenting is powerful. Remembering where we come from can offer a path forward and give deeper meaning to our lives. Leveraging and amplifying stories outside of dominant narratives can be tools for change-making. I am drawn to storytelling and oral histories because they are an opportunity to map our own narratives and at the intersection of history, journalism and community building.

Gems is an ode to my family (the JEMS) who nurture me with deep love and who tell fabulous stories.

I live with my wife in California (the best person I know) who is a constant inspiration and support.